Saturday, December 19, 2015


Today I am revisiting the bounding bunnies. Somewhere in the middle of the year, I stopped making these and moved on to standing bunnies and plaid bunnies. I tried various arrangements of the bounding bunnies but found that the right facing bunnies don't mix well with the left facing bunnies. So one option might be to have a column of carrots running down the middle.

Or possibly I could make two stand alone baby quilts.

Or if I made some more right facing bunnies, I could make another reversible quilt. Meanwhile, you can visit the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, if you would like to see how others are choosing to bring together their rainbow quilts.

I also brought out the plaid bunnies. They definitely look as though they need some more friends.

Meanwhile, the students remaining at Kitten U do not appear to miss Cyclone at all. Typhoon is impressed with himself because he has moved from ranking in the lower third of his class to the 50th percentile. And he especially likes getting half of a jar of baby food instead of only a third. He has also learned how to curl up in a lap. On the downside, he gets strokes on his face AND his back while he's eating the baby food.

Today, Cyclone can be the star of the adoption event because that obnoxious kitten Janet was adopted yesterday. Plus, Cyclone has her proper publicity photo on the website. UPDATE! An hour into the adoption event, and Cyclone is adopted.


  1. Bunniezzz!!! I especially love the bounding bunnies.
    I'm sure Cyclone will be snatched right up. Such a little charmer, she is. And congrats to Typhoon and Hurricane for their jumps in class ranking. Hard work really pays off, eh? 8)

  2. what a story! Cyclone, you're charming.

    The bunnies remind me of two lovers running toward each other in a field of flowers.

  3. I love the idea of a row of carrots running down the middle of two inwardly facing herds of bunnies.

  4. Central carrot blocks sounds like the PERFECT solution!!

    1. Another adoption, but I'm sure you will miss Cyclone. Carrots would be great!

  5. Pleased to read the news about Cyclone. Carrots do sound to be an inspired idea - this will be a fun quilt!

  6. I, too, love the idea of carrots between the bounding bunnies. You must avoid a Bunny Face-off at all costs! And it's no surprise that Cyclone was adopted, and I am so happy for her, the little sweetie.