Monday, December 14, 2015

Dear Jane D12 Crossed Swords

Just a single Dear Jane block: D12 Crossed Swords. For this, I did paper piece the four main blocks (without the outer most corners). So it was simply three easy that no one could mess it up, but of course, I did. Then the four blocks were sewn together with strips. Last, but not least, I appliqued the squares in the corner. Of course, I only had to sew the two inside edges.

Meanwhile, Team Storm is starting to live up to their name. They play with wild abandon and now the master bedroom can barely contain them. So they can extend their activities into the hallway and soon I will open the downstairs to them. But none of them get to go into the sewing room because if they get scared and hide, they will be lost forever.

And they are progressing slowly toward socialization. Hurricane loves petting as long as she doesn't see it coming. And I can pick her up about a couple of inches before she begins to squirm. Typhoon, the shy one, comes on my lap for baby food and very reluctantly lets me touch him as he eats. He has also been playing with a toy that I dangle over my back as I lay on the floor. So maybe it shouldn't have surprised me when he settled in my lap to play with a toy...but it did. And of course, I knew that there was no touching allowed. Yet.

And what about Cyclone? She remains perfect in every way.


  1. Best to keep them out of the sewing room. Those owls are just hankering for kitten treats...

  2. Thanks for your update on Team Storm, seems like your patience is paying off.
    I still think you're so brave doing these small blocks!!!