Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dear Jane F11 and Storm Update.

Here's the final Dear Jane F11 block On Target after I have appliqued all the curved bits.

And here is what Hurricane thought of her trip to the shelter today.  I was supposed to bring in all three kittens for a check-in, vaccine and other preventative treatments. But I could only load Hurricane and Cyclone in the carriers. I put baby food on a spoon in one carrier and after Cyclone went in to enjoy it, Hurricane took it over. So I closed the door on her. She was hissing mad. I was glad I didn't try to have two kittens in a carrier.

At that point Typhoon and Cyclone disappeared under the bed. I called Cyclone out, picked her up, carried her to another room and put her in another carrier. Did I mention that Cyclone is a perfect kitten?

At the shelter, Cyclone came out of her carrier and purred for the vet tech. Even Hurricane was well enough behaved that the vet tech thought both of them were ready for adoption. Eek! The foster coordinator gave me another 5 days with them...and some time for me to consider whether I would like to adopt the perfect kitten Cyclone.

Here are Cyclone and Typhoon. Who is photobombing whom?

And here is Hurricane attending the required course The History of Tommy which is divided into nine parts of 49 lectures each.

And here is Typhoon who now plays in my lap and comes up to me to see what's going on, But no touching!


  1. Well obviously any potential kitten adoptee will have to pass, with honors, the History of Tommy course!

  2. Looks like Hurricane may be sleeping in class...
    If you adopt Cyclone, will you still be able to foster kittens?

  3. It took three years befor Alex would let me touch her, so it seems like Typhoon is doing pretty well!