Thursday, December 24, 2015

Kitten Breakthrough

Santa came early this year and brought me TWO affectionate kittens. When I visit the foster kittens, Molly (the one on the left) is at the door purring and wanting a full body massage. She rolls on her back for tummy rubs. And then this morning, Buddy (formerly Typhoon) came up and was rubbing against me and purring as if he had been doing that his whole life. Astounding! He let me stroke his back and his head. Of course, Molly came and started chewing on his neck so he wouldn't enjoy it too much.

And there is even more progress to report. Molly can now take a decent selfie, so she can participate in social networking and leave the feral network behind.

Of course, she still needs to learn about boundaries and oversharing.


  1. Great progress, what a great Christmas gift!

  2. Wow, Molly and Buddy have sure come a long way! When Buddy starts taking selfies, you'll know your work is done. Merry Christmas to you and the ki-- er, students!