Sunday, December 27, 2015

More owls!

I am posting the latest arrangement of owls because sometimes photos reveal problems one can't detect in real life. Also, I will be collecting text messages from each of the owls letting me know if they are compatible with their neighbor. After they saw what happened to Easter Owl (aka Measles Owl), they are much less willing to speak their unexpected side benefit...


  1. They do rather look like they're going 'Ulp...' ...

  2. Yes, Measles could have wiped out the whole parliament.

    I might have to make a couple of pillows with owls on them since one of my granddaughters told me I should have given her the owl themed pillowcases I gave her parents for Christmas because she says she likes owls waaaaay more than they do. She says she loves owls and llamas...who knew?