Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Paper piecing

I'm in the process of making the Dear Jane block F11 or On Target. The angles for this block are not standard so I started by making templates and sewing the pieces together. After much surgery, the bottom block shows that I was still way off. So I tried again using paper piecing (the uppermost block). Paper piecing definitely delivered improved precision. Of course, neither blocks are as stellar as Fabadashery's hand piecing.

Meanwhile, Typhoon is still actively resisting my charms.

It is a big disappointment to Typhoon that his favorite toys are attached to the end of my arm, that baby food comes in such tiny jars and that I insist on giving it to him one molecule at a time.

It's hard to get a good photo of Cyclone because she is often on the move or up very close to the photographer. Sometimes when I persuade Typhoon to chase a toy into my lap, Cyclone jumps on my shoulders which scares Typhoon away. But then this afternoon, I was feeling dispirited because of the rebuffs of Hurricane and Typhoon, so Cyclone came over and curled up in my lap.

With Cyclone purring and content in my lap, Hurricane wanted in and tried to settle on top of Cyclone. This led to a tussle and an empty lap. Hurricane, once again disgruntled went to seek out her special kitty cup bed. As I was leaving, Cyclone was heading toward the Hurricane and the kitty cup to have a discussion of property law.


  1. You are too knd. Your current students are hard work, but you are always having little victories.

  2. I was very interested in reading about your paper piecing. I am using EPP to try to make the Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks. Try is the operative word. I'm finding some of the blocks very challenging and my skills lacking. But I do love the hand sewing so much. I follow Frances too and just love to see what she posts...her precision is wonderful. But your paper pieced block On Target looks great to me. Happy Stitching.