Friday, December 25, 2015

Piglet, carrots and kitten selfies

I suspect that piglet may be on the menu for some of you today, so I am presenting a right facing piglet that is larger than the one shown in the original tutorial.  This one finished at 6 by 8 inches and is based on a one inch grid instead of a .75 inch grid. This means that the flip triangles and most of the strips are cut 1.5 inches. The four large background squares in each of the corners are cut 2.5 inches square. The central rectangle is cut 2.5 by 6.5 inches.

When this right facing piglet is carved, one can see that all of the components are identical to the left facing piglet, except for the ear. For this piglet, a 2.5 inch square of dark pink has a background fabric flip triangle in the upper right corner, and a light pink flip triangle in the lower left corner.

Of course, piglet is not everyone's meal choice.

 Meanwhile, at Kitten U, the foster kittens continue to improve their social skills.

But socialization comes easier for some kittens than for others. However, Buddy did have his first facial this morning and he enjoyed it very much.


  1. Of course, now I'll have to make some more piglets so I can decide if I like the big ones or the small ones more... Oh, shucky-darn, right?
    Such shining stars, those kittens are!

  2. Well, those are some adorable kittens, and I'm loving your blocks.

  3. Hi do you have a tutorial or link for your carrots, they are fabulous

  4. I love this quilt. My granddaughter loves pigs. I have started making it and have a question. How did you figure out the measurements for the triangles added to the sides? I could always just line the pigs up straight but I do love how you have them going up and down.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I'd love to help you out but you are set up with "no-reply." I would be glad to help you but I will need your email address. Feel free to email me directly.


  5. Love this and am ready to quilt it. Can I ask how you quilted it? Did you do an overall design or each block separately?

    Any advice you can give will be appreciated.

    Margaret Farabaugh