Friday, December 4, 2015

Quilty Things

Cathy at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilts almost got me to jump into the Quilty 365 circle journal project but then I made one...with cat ears, of course. Maybe I'll try again later, but I have too many projects piled up. But luckily, this block looks identical to one of the Dear Jane blocks that Jane Stickle made but didn't put into her famous quilt.

And speaking of the Jane Stickle quilt, here's block H11 or Piercing Rays. I decided to make the same one shown on Fabadashery so I can pretend to be as far along. Ha! As if.

And then Easter Owl showed up. And oh dear. He had eaten too many pink peeps and developed some terrible disease. So now he is going under the knife for a head transplant.

I hope this doesn't gross you out but I thought some of you might want to see open head owl surgery.


  1. Oh, my goodness, do owls get pink jaundice?
    Poor guy.
    The owl with cat ears in the first photo is much healthier looking.

  2. Love your pink owl - bit wary of the second one! Quilty 365 is a good idea I was going to start two weeks ago, but like yourself had too much on, perhaps in the New Year!

  3. Love the missing cat Dear Jane quilt block. The owl was sure to get a disease with all those fluffy chicks and bunnies in his tummy.

  4. That poor owl. It must be horrible to be headless! The cat block is pretty cute. So hard to resist new projects.

  5. Oh, come on...that circle with cat ears is perfect for Quilty 365 even if Jane rejected it. You can never have too many projects. I have to admire your Dear Jane blocks. I fear if I attempted them I would end up Crazy Cathy.

    Don't you have 365 different cat fabrics??? They'd be perfect for the Circle Game!