Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Typhoon's Adventure

Typhoon remains very shy, although I have been able to get him to come into my lap for baby food. And last night I was lying on my stomach and dangling a toy on my back, and Typhoon eventually joined in using my back as his playground. And later, he ventured close enough for me to stroke him. He was startled and indignant, but he did not run and hide. A major victory!

Unfortunately, this morning, his mouth was stuck in the Tyvek collar the shelter uses. He had struggled quite a bit with it and his paws were bloody. When this happened to Cyclone, I was able to pick her up and clip the collar off, although she was quite distressed. But Typhoon was hissing and too scared for me to get near him. So I steered him into a carrier and we took an early morning trip to the shelter where more experienced hands removed the collar.

Now, Typhoon is hiding under the bed where he only watched his sisters study feather dynamics and acrobatic dance choreography. 

Meanwhile, I discovered it was Cyclone who knocked down the barrier blocking the stairwell, and let her sister Hurricane take the blame. That is not socialized behavior! I didn't realize she could jump up more than three feet until she jumped on my back while I was cleaning the litter pan, and then later, when she jumped up on the barrier, which thankfully didn't crash down like it did before. I will not consider her adequately socialized until she writes a heart felt apology in calligraphy.


  1. She should probably have to grind her own ink, as well...

  2. Poor Typhoon...what a terrible thing to have happen. He seems like a shy guy by nature. Gracie is a shy girl, and she's been that way since she was a kitten.