Monday, January 4, 2016

Buddy the Kitten

Hi! I'm Buddy the Foster Kitten and I'm your guest blogger. I like living here at Kitten R. That's slang for Kitten Resort. Today I took a special airlift that transports you from the ground up into the arms of a servant where it is very cozy and warm. I enjoyed it a lot. But then my sister Molly climbed up the inside of the servant's robe, got stuck and created a commotion so the resort had to close the airlift ride for a while. 

This is my sister Molly. She went on a horsey-back ride yesterday, although its really the servant's back, so I guess she really went on a servantey-back ride. This morning we went to the servant's quarters to play and Molly stole our favorite string toy out of the servant's pocket. I stole it from Molly and took it to our room to eat it under the bed. But the servant came and took it away again so now we will have to start over.


  1. Well it looks like both kitties are now becoming more social - what a hoot Molly being stuck in your robe!
    Wonder what the servant is getting up to today.

  2. Giggling at the starting over part...

  3. Be sure and ask for the facial massage. I hear it's Meowvelous!