Friday, January 29, 2016

Dear Jane Accounting

I jumped into making Dear Jane blocks without much of a plan...just to follow Fabadashery's adventure and use Kaffe fabrics. Notice that I have not even committed to making a Dear Jane quilt. In any case, without organization I found myself repeating blocks and so I have taken the time to label the blocks and account for them according to Fabadashery's random drawings. I am officially caught up through Drawing 14, plus these additional blocks that haven't been picked yet.  The orange block appears to have a broken antenna which wasn't part of the original design.

I can't resist adding another photo of Molly as she continues to explore the sewing room. In this case, she seems to be fascinated with the skylight. And I never did figure out where today's sleeping roost was so I think she may know my sewing room better than I do. I would love to show you a photo of her going completely languid in my arms. I can even cradle her on her back. This is not anything I taught her. Once she decided I was okay and would let me touch her, that is give her full body massages, she turned into a limp rag. A delightful limp minky fur rag.


  1. Lovely to see your little collection of Kaffe blocks. An audit is probably about due on mine soon, they soon get out of hand. Your patience with Molly has paid off and she seems to be stucking the sewing room Kitten U studies.

  2. I love your Dear Kaffe blocks - so much color and fun.
    And nothing can go liquid quite like a kitty...

  3. Molly’s cuddliness just shines through the pictures! Alfie and Darla are only “pliable” when they’re asleep. Darla is cuddly when she’s awake, as long as it’s her idea. But Alfie is always “wired”; I think he’s angling for catnip. My hat is off to you and your patience with Dear Jane. For me it would be Damn Jane.

  4. Well I'm pretty happy that you are posting lots of photos of Molly - not forgetting your Dear Jane blocks!