Friday, January 8, 2016

Dear Jane continued

Here is another addition to the Dear Jane blocks. This one is F5 or Parcheesi.

And here is yet another block that Jane Stickle made, but didn't use in her quilt. I think if one is trying to recreate the Jane Stickle quilt experience, one should go all in and not just make the handful that made it into her famous quilt.

And who is this? Molly wanted me to announce on my blog that she is smarter than I am. This morning I attempted to use treats to get Buddy and Molly into separate carriers. I jumped the gun and they both realized my evil intent and ran and hid. Molly came out of hiding a short while later, I picked her up and was able to put her in the carrier--just as I had with Cyclone. But I let her out because I wasn't going to take her in for adoption without her brother. Plus I am very ambivalent about giving her up for adoption anyway. Sigh. Meanwhile Buddy is still very wary of me. Molly estimates that my feeble attempt at entrapment is going to set me back at least six jars of baby food worth of socialization as far as Buddy is concerned.


  1. Panda!!! Panda is adorable, Stickle or not.
    Poor Buddy. His worst suspicions confirmed...

  2. That Panda block is great. Surely inspired by the many sightings of Pandas in Vermont in the 1800's.