Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dear Jane D10 and S19

And so today I had a chance to resume the Dear Jane blocks, and here is D10 or Battlefield. I made this with the easy angle ruler, flip triangles and a playful kitten.  Molly the Adopted Kitten is now taking many work study classes given she turned Kitten U into a Kitten Klub resort. In the mornings she supervises bird feeding (through the window). She has seen blue jays, a flicker, a downey woodpecker, a cardinal and the usual band of smaller birds. This is now her favorite morning past-time (although I am only feeding birds on the porch because of the snow cover.)

And here is Alternative Universe Dear Jane block S19 or Owl. One of his wings is upside down and I will leave it to you to decide which one. Molly thinks that if I spent more time watching birds with her, I wouldn't have made a mistake like that.


  1. Psst... I'll bet Molly flipped that wing when you weren't looking. Do you by any chance remember her saying "Hey! Look over there! A distraction!" while you were working on the block?

  2. Oh, I like this owl version too. Perfect fabric for the eyes and for a feathery look. Looks like you ruffled a few feathers on the left side. There is something to be said for bird watching with friends.

  3. Wonderful fabric in your Dear Jane block and a lovely owl with really big eyes!!