Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jane Addendum

When I saw there was a melding of Blotto, Oh Scrap, and the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, I figured that Dear Jane Stickle is probably involved too. I don't know whether she has a bird in the air block in her famous quilt, but if not, she probably made one but didn't include it. In any case, this is my contribution to today's scrappiness.

And no one should be surprised to learn that Jane Stickle made a piglet block but didn't include it in her quilt. Her piglet is shorter than present day piglets...I assume because of changes in farming practices.

Meanwhile, in case you're wondering, Molly has moved away from the screen and back to my shoulders. I accused her of getting in my way while chasing the pointer, but she was really objecting to how I edit photos.

Today Molly also learned about fabric strip management...specifically digging through a pile of strips, burrowing under them and rocket launching into the pile. Yes, we all know these are basic baby kitten skills, but kitten education is bound to decline when you turn Kitten University into the Kitten Klub Resort.


  1. Some of those short piglets might turn up at my house, too. Because I'm already making two sizes, so might as well make three, right?
    Molly may have been a bit over-focused on social skills, to the exclusion of athletics. It's good that she's now taking up a proper exercise program with strip-jumping and tunneling.

  2. Lovely Birds in the Air block. Everything looks cuter tiny -- especially that little pig!

  3. Birds and piglets are popping up everywhere! I think both blocks should be in a Dear Jane. Thanks for sharing your lovely blocks on Oh Scrap!

  4. Your little piglet looks like she could fly. She is adorable. Very pretty birds in the air block.

  5. Yes, those Birds in the Air blocks really seem to be taking off (pun definitely intended) lately. I researched them the other day to find several versions. The one you did is my favorite. By now I am so sick of blue (having sewn scraps and crumbs into slabs/blocks) that I starting a Valentine quilt. i think YOU should start a quilt of Jane's out takes.

  6. Can you get the patterns for the Dear Sally blocks?