Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mouse meets Jane

Today, the Alternative Jane block is a mouse. Molly is fascinated by the the cupboards under the kitchen sink which I assume has a resident mouse. (And yes, I know that there is no such thing as a singular mouse.) So I made this patchwork mouse rather than go snooping where no positive outcome would be possible.

And here is the collection of Alternative Universe Dear Jane blocks, so far. The owl is quite pleased to be sitting between lunch and dinner.

Here is my Dear Jane block M6 or Simplicity. My block looks like it  has been through a woodchipper. To see a quite beautifully and carefully made version of this block, visit this post by Fabadashery.  However, finishing this block means that I have completed Draw 12.


  1. I love your Alternative Universe...

  2. ...and I love your wood chipper M6 block, but it sounds like a weapon or garden tool on steroids. And who needs every block to be perfect? This is when the galloping horse rule applies. If it looks fine when riding by on a horse, it's good enough!