Friday, January 22, 2016

Watchful Waiting with Dear Jane

Today is the start of a snow storm that is supposed to leave us with two feet of snow. Today's deposit of about 5 inches was incredibly light and dry. I did go out to shovel before the wind picks up. And I also made two Dear Jane blocks to finish up Draw 11. This block is I13 or Sweet Harmony. The block drafted in the Dear Jane book is very different from the Jane Stickle quilt block. The actual quilt block has a dark outer border and floating squares. So I redrafted the block to get those two features.

This is block M8 or Enchanted Square. This was all strip piecing and flip triangles.


  1. I just do not know how you manage these small intricate blocks - they're beautiful. Did you have any help from Molly??

  2. I really like those two blocks! You'll need to show us a progress shot of all of them together so far. What did Molly think of the falling snow? Alfie could gaze at it (or just about anything) out the window for hours. We call him our Neighborhood Watch.

  3. I hope you laid in plenty of cat food in case you get snowed in...
    That second block may be my favorite so far. I'll second a request that you give us a group shot. 8)

  4. I am using the software and they seem to be different again.
    5" snow, is what we in he UK would describe as 'very exciting', any photos.

  5. Such tiny blocks--and so many pieces--that is not one of my fortes at all--yours are so beautifully done!! here we are in the midst of creating a "Winter Wonderland" with blizzard conditions...hugs, Julierose