Monday, February 29, 2016

Adopted kittens

It probably won't be news to anyone if I introduce Typhoon the adopted kitten.

He was pretty chill when I told him.

And he is developing many new interests and hobbies, some of which, like his rubber band obsession, make him the Kitten U grad most likely to have a bowel obstruction.

And here is deception at its finest. Later in the day, Molly will stand on the printer, up on two legs stretched as far as she can in an attempt to swat the window blinds. Then, after knocking every block off the design wall, she will scale it to the top and then crash down with a sickening thud. And while she apparently has an endless supply of lives, Molly was voted as Kitten U's grad most likely to give me heart failure.


  1. Wouldn't I just love to be a visitor at your place to watch their antics. You have two beautiful companions - even if they do cause mayhem!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to be able to hold out against his charm...
    (Years ago, I had a cat whose favorite toy was a yard-length of elastic. He'd play with it for hours, holding it in his paws and grabbing it with his teeth, and stretching it out and releasing it with a snap. Though sometimes the snap would go the other way and whack him in the face, which admittedly would make me laugh. Then one day his toy disappeared and I wondered what he'd done with it. Yeah... It didn't seem to cause him any distress, but I had to follow him with scissors for about a week. *sigh*)

  3. He is so uniquely marked. And I swear he looks like a bobcat......Molly and The Bob?

  4. Congrats on adopting Typhoon - or will he be Buddy? Sometimes certain names just stick better than others, which is why our Alfalfa's name change to Harley didn't stick. Besides, there wasn't a Li'l Rascal named Harley. And then, depending on his mood and behavior, we can call him Alfie, AlFALfa, Alf, or just plain old Al. Gee, I hope he doesn't develop an identity crisis....