Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bounding bunnies and Typhoon

Here are the last of the bunnies bounding off to the left. Whew. Oops. I just noticed a genetic modification...the sharp eared bunnies. And there are four of them. For example, the bunny in the upper left hand corner is of the original heritage and when sewn into the quilt will have a squared off front ear. The bunny below it, though, has a front ear that is turned upside down, creating a dangerous, pointy ear. I had better go warm up the seam ripper after I go back and inspect all the other bunnies.

Meanwhile, Typhoon the foster kitten has shown a lot of progress just in the last couple of days. Here he is sleeping on top of the bed...out in the open instead of in a hidey hole. And thankfully, he is playing more in the day so he is slowly kicking his nocturnal habits.


  1. You don't need a seam ripper - just use one of those sharp bunnies. 8)

  2. Well, those pointy ears are something that only you would have noticed. And maybe Mr. Spock.....

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