Monday, February 1, 2016

Bunny parts and Molly

My only quilting related activity today was buying a few more plaid shirts. I am still trying to build up my selection of light plaids, but I can never seem to resist the dark side.

Today was a big day for Molly because there were three big fat squirrels having a party on the back deck this morning. This was a first for Molly and she was beyond excited. Molly is a small cat, and these squirrels were exceedingly large, so the squirrels did not fully appreciate the menace that was merely a pane of glass away.

And this is Molly sleeping in her liquid phase. In the picture, she is yawning and not about to take a bite out of my foot.

And then there is Molly's favorite spot, although not necessarily for sleeping. Every morning she gallops to the sewing room for a romp in the strips. She follows me whenever I leave the sewing room, but will gallop back to this pile in the hopes of enticing me back for another playtime.


  1. you're KILLING me with the pictures of Molly, since I don't have a cat right now! So adorable... I'm planning to start volunteering at our local CatTown Cafe (a great place -- just to get a kitty fix -- and maybe adopt again after our vacation this summer.

  2. Molly is so darn cute! I see she is just as ladylike as my Darla is in her liquid state.

  3. Doesn't she look snug in those strips!

  4. She sure looks like a quilter's cat to me. Her claws could be darned useful when pinning seams...

  5. Awwww ... what a pretty kitty! It is nice to have a quilty kitty helping you sew ... <3 Pat