Monday, February 15, 2016

Double nine revisited

I did remember that I had this project, but I didn't really know where I had left off. I did decide to make this quilt reversible with a dark side and a light side. To help inspire me, I laid some of the blocks up on the design wall. Of course, the design wall was clear because Molly had pulled the spiderweb quilt to the floor.

The double nine patch met the same fate. Is this Molly with a look of remorse...or is that a look of diabolical planning? In any case, we also have territorial disputes over the sewing chair. She sometimes takes higher ground...literally...climbing onto my shoulder as I sew.

I was reminded of this project when I found this stack of nine patches buried under the spiderweb scraps.

And so now the nine patches can join its container. In the background are the pile of high contrast strips I pulled for this project that have now taken up permanent residence on my sewing table.

In related news, Typhoon has learned the joys of the strip pile on the floor. He has been wary of this area because a devious predator (Molly) hides there to launch sneak attacks.


  1. Oh, I love nine patches - that quilt is going to be wonderful, if Molly ever lets you lay it out...

  2. I would say she has a look of diabolical planning!!

  3. Love this project... And your helper!