Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Foster Follies

And what is wrong with this picture? Why yes, that is Typhoon in Molly's diva batting bed. This is what happens when a foster cat decides that they are too good for hiding and sleeping under a bed.

Molly has taken over this blanket on the bottom of a shelving unit. She began to sleep here last night to avoid sleep deprivation from Typhoon's relentless need to cuddle.  How do you spell passive-aggressive?


  1. I was making note of Typhoon's smugness, as well. Also, Molly's look of disgruntlement.
    Ah, the dramaz...

  2. Typhoon looks like those little bob cats we have here in Louisiana. All he needs is some thread glued into his ears to fluff them out longer. Maybe use a mascara brush. Then you can call him Bob!