Friday, February 26, 2016

More bunnies and busy kittens

I added two peach plaid bunnies so the red bunnies came to welcome them. I am sewing a matching front strip to all of the bunnies I have made so far.

I also fixed the ears of these four bounding bunnies.

The rest of the day I was a disciplinary problem for the Dean of Kitten U. Molly is teaching me to come and help her down when she climbs to the highest shelf behind the design wall. And no, she does not want me to grab her. She wants to jump down to my shoulders and then be given a piggy back ride until she is no longer amused. And if she wants to repeat this over and over and over and over, it is obviously for my benefit.

Meanwhile, Typhoon is giving up his scaredy cat hobby and is spending time tearing things apart. I had to remove all plastic bags from the sewing room because he decided that it was his responsibility to shred them into bits to save the environment. Later I thought I heard a sound similar to someone popping bubble wrap, only to find that both cats had found the bubble wrap in the office closet and were popping it. Now they have to drop by intermittently to check to see if I left the closet door open again. Otherwise, I hear odd noises, go to investigate and have two cats glare at me with the total innocence of evil teenagers.


  1. I don't think there's a sentient creature on the planet that can resist bubblewrap...

  2. Molly has the sweetest face, even if she is a holy terror. I love your plaid bunnies.

  3. These two certainly keep you on your toes! At least Molly jumps down to you, I have a friend with a newish Rag Doll kitty who likes to climb a pretty tall tree in the garden next door to her and won't come down. The husband has to pull out a tall ladder to climb up and reach her - don't think that will happen again as last time he slipped off the bottom few rungs and did a hamstring in!!