Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More plaid bunnies

Six more plaid bunnies marched into the sewing room today. A wonderful and generous member of my quilt guild chapter gave me some blue plaids with pink and red accents. So thanks to her we have the bunny in the upper left corner and the one in the middle of the lower row. I suspect that we will see more of her generosity in future bunnies. And as luck would have it, the fabric went perfectly with one of the shirts that I showed yesterday and I used that as the background fabric. Molly says I should also mention that nine plaid shirts showed up in her sewing room and that she's concerned that we are running out of floor.


  1. In HER sewing room, eh? Cute, cute bunnies!

  2. I love the plaid bunnies!
    Molly is such a worry wart. I'm sure the owls will take care of freeing up floor space while they're hunting for those pesky mice.

  3. You're getting together a lovely collection of plaid bunnies, what size are they?