Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Jane A1

Here is Dear Jane block A1 or Pinwheel Gone Awry. Otherwise, I spent the day cutting fabric to make more plaid bunnies and bounding bunnies...enough for both quilt tops.

And here is Molly sleeping on the sewing room floor. Molly and Typhoon and knocked flat folds of their piles and down the back of the design wall. This then became their sleeping nest. I recently dug the fabric up and piled it on the floor in front of the design wall...waiting to be refiled. It must still have nest smells because Molly has now taken over these fabric piles for daytime sleeping. And yes, you might think that a cat formerly named Hurricane would sleep in a circle around a center core, but you would be wrong. Typhoon takes this same pose when he sprawls on top of me.

I find taking a photo of Typhoon much harder because he is usually squirreling around down by my feet.

And last night he decided that he wanted to climb the design wall like his sister. But given he's so much bigger and heavier than his sister, he has a harder time of it. Molly is able to scoot all the way up and over the top of the design wall and onto the top of the shelves behind it. Then she calls me over so she can jump down on my shoulders and then down my back and onto the floor. What fun!

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