Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dear Jane D1, I3, J2 and L4

Another draw completed. These are Dear Jane blocks D1 (Alison's Guiding Light), I3 (Family Album), J2 (Picture Perfect) and L4 (St. George's Cross).  Oddly, all of blocks in this draw use thin strips, so they went together quickly given how I'm constructing them. For J2, Picture Perfect or The Hashtag, I followed Jane Stickle instead of the book and added a surrounding border.

And to take this photo, I used the laser pointer to entice the teenagers out of the sewing room and into the hall, whereupon I closed the door. Earlier, Molly was taking the blocks down as I was putting them up. And when I opened the door again, I was met with stares of utmost indignation.


  1. The technique I am using is slow and fiddly . You will have to wait for the next draw .....

  2. Our Feline Overlords get so disgruntled when we get uppity, don't they?

  3. Have you tried one of those toys for the cats with the ball in the round track and the corrogated center (spiked with catnip)? Worth its weight in gold. Darla and Alfie LOVE that thing, and after 2 months show no signs of getting bored with it. Best.Cat.Toy.Ever.