Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Four more plaid bunnies

Here are today's plaid bunnies. I like the purple fabric for the bunny in the lower right corner, but I'm wondering if the light fabric for the ear, arm and tail works. It may work better in the final quilt, so I'm going to leave it as it is for now. Besides, Molly is suffering from a very bad case of the naughties today, so vigilance is my word for the day. If this keeps up, kitty cuffs and muzzle will be my words for tomorrow.


  1. I like the purple one, but the red is my favorite!
    Poor bunnies. They do look a bit apprehensive...

  2. For the purple bunny---his arm works great, but then you lose his tail & ear. They blend in too much with the background. All in all though, I have loved all of your bunnies--they make me giggle.