Friday, March 4, 2016

Kittens and bunnies

I missed yesterday's post because I had to spend quality time with neglected family members.

But today I made some progress on the plaid bunny parade. I changed out the ear, tail, and arm of the purple bunny. Then I added three more...the two green ones on the bottom row and the purple and blue one on the top row. Next, I set out to lay out all the bunnies I've made so far to review the inventory.
Molly had other plans.

Then she gave a lecture on design that I'm sure was fascinating if I had bothered to listen.

 I should also mention that we had a light snowfall which I expect will be our last for the year.

It was very well behaved and primarily stuck to tree limbs and grass.

And speaking of well is what Typhoon, the kitten with the criminal record, is up to...he's learning posing with advanced paw work...that is, tucked paw posing. He found Molly's lecture mesmerizing.

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  1. Oh, dear. If Molly takes him on as an assistant, you'll never be allowed to make a design decision again.