Wednesday, March 23, 2016

National Puppy Day

Yes, it's Molly your guest blogger for today. Today is National Puppy Day. An obvious case of political correctness gone wild. To help you through the day I am providing you with kitten pictures so you won't have to focus so much on things that are noisy and smelly.

These are photos of me when I had recently arrived, but before I had taken over leadership of this enterprise.
This is a picture of my brother Typhoon before he became a criminal.

In this photo of Typhoon, you can see the beginning of criminal intent. And by the way, he made a wonderful squeak yesterday when I bit his foot.


  1. Thank you for your help, Molly. Wow, National Puppy Day can sure sneak up on us, eh? I was going to wear my NPD hat, but the beagle had chewed the pompoms off again...

  2. Kitten pictures are exactly what I need for my daily diet.

  3. Lovely start to my day, beautiful kitties photos. I said after losing Daisy I would not have any more cats or dogs - good job I didn't see Typhoon or Mollie up for adoption!!

  4. Well for me, kitten pictures are correct on any day, at any time. Allie and Darla are resting up right now for human bedtime. Human bedtime for felines means running around the house like a herd of horses. Gee, I hope I'm not giving you and your brother ideas...

  5. Lucy doesn't acknowledge National Puppy Day. She just shrugged and gave a little hiss when I mentioned it to her yesterday.