Monday, March 21, 2016

Plaid bunny layout decisions

I thought I had the plaid bunny quilt all figured out. I was going to surround each bunny with its own personal plaid background and then use another light subdued plaid as sashing with cornerstones. The cornerstones would echo the shape of the eyes and tails. Oddly, this makes the bunnies look like they are squished into the front of their block.

Now I'm wondering if surrounding the bunnies in plaid makes them disappear. Here are the bunnies still surrounded by their background, but without the extra space for neutral sashing and cornerstones.

And these are some bunnies that do not have any extra sashing. In this instance, the bunnies would get sashing in the front but there would only be a single one inch finished strip between them. I had thought that this was too much crowding for bunnies (or pigs or chickens).

Here are bunnies with their own front sash but no back sash. They don't look as crowded as they do in the previous version although they have the same amount of space. Now I'm wondering what happens if I try to put in neutral sashing with cornerstones.

Molly suggested that I have free-range bunnies so she knocked them down to the floor at the bottom of the design wall. One bunny stuck on the design wall, so Typhoon brought it down. It's so nice to know that there is a cat to pinch hit for Molly when she doesn't feel up to being naughty.


  1. I vote for plaid background but no sashing/cornerstones...

  2. That's a lot of bunnies! I like them "au naturel".

  3. I like number three, no extra plaid sashing and a neutral sashing between blocks. In a few of the bunnies with surrounding plaid being nearly the same scale as the bunny plaid, the bunnies seem to get lost in the background, but standing on their own they really look good. Like bunny 4 in the first pic and bunny number four in the last pic. When the scale of the background is smaller than the bunny, they do stand out better, from what I can see on the photos. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  4. I don't think the bunnies in the first picture look squished to the front. Not everything has to be perfectly centered. But if it bothers you, take out that back strip. But I do like the sashing and cornerstones best. Gives them lots of room to hop if they so desire. Unless they're just March Hares.

  5. (Stormcats vs Icklebunnies doesn't sound like the fairest tag-team match...)
    I'm too lost in the cuteness of plaid bunnies to think straight, so no advice from me.