Friday, July 22, 2016

Dear Jane A5

Here is Dear Jane A5 or Cathie's Campfire. I saw this block as I was making Dear Jane A4, yesterday's block. At first I saw it as a square on point with floating triangles, and then I realized that it was four pairs of flying geese laid out in a nine patch set. So I made it.

Meanwhile, this morning I happened to witness an unauthorized garden tour. This mother was showing her two fawn how to eat tomato plants in retribution for the barriers I put in place to protect the cucumbers. Seeing the two fawn explained why I had been hearing so much snorting and stamping in the woods when I went out to the garden.

Here's one of the fawns later in the day as they were dining in the "lawn."

And here are Buddy and Molly practicing for their olympic event in Synchronized Cuteness. Today Buddy worked on trying to catch a lizard that was loose in the bathroom. I won that event. Since then, Buddy won the bug eating contest...even growling at Molly who was pretending to be a judge.


  1. Mama Dear(est) will teach you about barriers. I think you may be outnumbered. Molly and Buddy are gold medal contenders, but Darla and Alfie won’t go down without a fight. Unless they’re napping. Missed you at the RSC link-up.

  2. Cuteness indoors and out and all around the house. The block is sneaky with those pairs, which I missed until you pointed them out. I was too busy admiring that fun fabric.