Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dear Jane Blocks D7, J4 and K8

Here is Dear Jane block D7 or Meeting Place.

To make this block, I made an irregular nine patch with flip triangles in the outer light blocks. Then to get the X effect, the block is trimmed down to size.

Except on the first one, I forgot to shift the block on its diagonal and I ended up with the block on the left. Luckily for me I checked the archives of Jane Stickle's alternative blocks--the blocks she made but didn't use in her famous quilt. And there it was. Apparently Jane Stickle did the same thing! This block is X4 or Oopsy Daisy.

This is Dear Jane K8 or Springbrook Park. It's essentially two modified log cabin block constructions sliced on the diagonal and then sewn back together with the blue stripping.

And last but not least is Dear Jane block J4 or Adelaine's Apron Strings. Clearly Adelaine got a bit too busy in the kitchen and that's why I nicked off two corners...one minor and one requiring surgery.


  1. Three lovely blocks - even though there was surgery required. Love the KF fabrics.

  2. All your blocks, including the alternatives, are delightful! I do enjoy seeing them, but I'm wondering if you're keeping track of your letters and numbers. Have you gotten BINGO yet?

  3. X4 and D7 make a nice pair, I love the colours.

  4. I am sure Jane's whole quilt were samples of larger blocks that went wrong!

  5. I think Sue SA might be onto something...

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