Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dear Jane J10

Here is Dear Jane block J10 or Chieko's Calla Lily or I Can't Believe How Long This Block Took to Make. I appliqued four light melons onto the dark fabric. Then I added the light border. After that I appliqued twelve dark melons.

I discovered that I had made the light melons too large, so I made the templates smaller for the darker melons. Some of the melons look wonky, but I'm sure Dear Jane prefers it that way.

Meanwhile, I am happy to report that all of the components for the spiderweb have been found and reunited. All evidence points to a particular naughty "kitten" who knocked the turquoise wedges behind and underneath the sewing machine table.

Molly is quite alarmed that a naughty kitten was in her sewing room. Although alarmed, she has sufficient composure to keep her paw neatly tucked for her pose.


  1. Two thoughts spring to mind: (1) while your block is lovely, I'd be calling her Damn Jane by now, and (2) perhaps Molly has a split personality. (But then, what cat doesn't?)

  2. Ah, Molly - ever the professional. I hope you find that naughty kitten before she... er, um... it... gets into any more mischief!