Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Peacocks and Stars

Here's the finished peacock quilt fresh from the dryer. It had an extended soak in the tub, a quick rinse in the wash and then a trip in the dryer. I had planned to take it into town to my quilt chapter this morning, but the morning went faster than expected. This seems to happen a lot.

And seriously, with this much help in the sewing room, I am fresh out of excuses. And yes, that's Molly who is climbing the design wall under the peacock quilt as I'm trying to take the photograph. I don't have the heart to tell her I don't actually find her help helpful.

I'm also making twinkler stars to make into another donation quilt for our quilt chapter. These didn't stay on the design wall long and are now heaped in a pile on the floor. Thanks again Molly!


  1. Molly was probably enjoying the added challenge to her wall-climbing training. She'll bring home the gold for sure!

  2. That peacock quilt is so clever. Very cute. Some people have no appurreciation for good helpurrs.

  3. The peacock quilt turned out really cute. You have it done and someone is getting a really nice quilt!

  4. Your peacock quilt is really sweet. And that picture of Molly’s forelegs just cracks me up. She’s an imp for sure!