Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spiderwebs and Fox

I spent most of the day gorging on my favorite type of sewing...the spiderweb. I have bins of strips and hunks that I use and it is so much fun to see so many bright fabric patterns. And I get such a satisfied feeling as the triangles stack up. Then I make the dreaded calculation of how many I need to make a full sized quilt and I realize that I made no progress at all. Eventually I will learn to skip the calculation part.

And I'm sure many of you expect Molly to help me remove the foundation papers after I've sewn the triangles. But Molly is an efficiency expert when it comes to destruction, and she prefers to shred the foundation papers BEFORE I sew the strips to them.

This morning I went outside at the crack of dawn and scared Ms. Fox who ran back into the woods. I also startled a deer who snorted and stamped at me. Later, Ms. Fox returned and I was able to take this photo of her from an upstairs window.


  1. Love this post for two reasons - your Spider Web (which I covet greatly) - and the beautiful photo of Ms Fox!!
    This should be framed and on a wall !!

  2. Good for Molly - never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. At least she's not a procrastinator like that certain other cat who would probably wait until the last possible minute to shred that paper...
    Love love love that spiderweb!

  3. what a nice photo -- I love the slightly soft focus of the fox's fur! When will the fox quilt get underway?

  4. I adore your spiderweb, looks so good in brights. I agree this is my favourite type of sewing as well, just stitching merrily along, enjoying the process without having to over think the next step. Wanting to calculate the units required is an inbuilt need though that comes with sewing without a pattern (well for me it is) so I can see how far I have progressed and then feel good about it!

  5. I love your spiderweb quilt and have added that pattern to my bucket list. And what an attitude that deer had! I would've stomped and snorted back to scare it. I think. Actually, I wouldn't mind a deer in my backyard if it would eat some of the eleventy billion apricots on our tree.