Monday, July 25, 2016

Vintage spin and stripey diamond

The reverse side of the vintage spin quilt is finally together.  As a reminder, this will have two sides and the other side is being machine quilted to batting. This will make a grid that I can use to match this side to the other side. Then they will be machine quilted together. The circles will be appliqued last so I can machine quilt across the centers without trying to avoid the inner circle.

And yes, the construction of this quilt top was carefully supervised. In fact, it was amazing that Molly was always laying on the next section to be sewn.

And here is today's contribution to the stripey star quilt.


  1. Molly matches up pretty well with the block behind her! The stripey stars are looking good - can you refresh my memory on the size of the diamonds?

  2. It looks like Tommy's rule book has finally been thrown to oblivion and Molly has introduced her own.