Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Blog Warnings

Molly discovered this new fabric and wants to know who is to blame. She doesn't mean Yolanda Fundora who designed it for Blank Quilting.  She is worried that I am reading dangerous blogs.

Buddy likes the fabric a lot. He would also like to show you his favorite pile of patchwork.

I am continuing to make spiderwebs.  I have made a lot of progress sewing the webs, but need to catch up with trimming.

Molly would like to show you her technique of going up and over the design wall. The first time surprised me, but I recovered quicker the second time she did it and got this photo.


  1. ha ha ha, life with cats is a never ending adventure,

  2. I love the shot of Molly heading over the top of the wall! I hope that as well as helping "tidy" the spider web blocks on the floor for you that she will also help remove the papers - I reckon she would be great at that job!!

  3. Will Molly be doing a video tutorial on advanced design wall scaling? I'm particularly interested in her toe techniques. (I'm going to start growing out my claws in anticipation...)

  4. Your cat photos and commentary are awesome. Such entertainment!