Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Moving Forward

I pulled out the pickle dish project and made a handful of pickles. And yes, that is Buddy photobombing my pickle wedges.

And here is another Stonefields block. As I was taking the photo, I realized the star has a broken right arm. I'm undecided whether to fix it or pretend it will lend charm to the quilt.

And these butterflies are perfect for leaders and enders, so I finished another vintage butterfly block too.
And here's Molly taking a break. Today she taught Buddy an advanced class on gravity dynamics. She had him sit on the floor next to a tall shelf while she knocked items to the floor.


  1. Love your pickle dish blocks - one of my to-do list items. Silly kitties!

  2. The pickle dishes are really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing that one grow.

  3. Buddy has such beautiful paws. He could get a paw modeling job.

  4. I look forward to reading your posts so I can see what Buddy and Molly are up to :) It's such a joy to read your witty writings and your quilting projects are so wonderful, fresh and varied. I think the vintage butterfly blocks are terrific and they are calling to me....but I am resisting ;-)

  5. Molly is SUCH a cat. Was she aiming for Buddy or just teaching? I'm glad to see you working on the pickle dish quilt again!

  6. I love your pickle dishes and that charming star!
    Molly is such a patient teacher, isn't she? And so thorough, too.