Monday, April 17, 2017

Quilting Fraud

Dearest Readers. I am Molly, your guest blogger. I am sorry to inform you but my staff has perpetrated quilting fraud. Yesterday, she presented a tutorial of a sheep block, but I thought you should know that she originally made the following...

Yes. She actually made this deformed sheep. Staff is as lame a quilter as Buddy is a cat.

There! Can you see it now? She did repair one section, but the other she repaired using Photoshop. And yes, she corrected the tutorial to to make it look as though she knows what she is doing. She does not.

If this were my blog, I would show you tasty morsels like this.

Instead, you have to look at Stonefield blocks. I guess it helps in case you have insomnia.

I'm sorry I had to convey bad news, but I think honesty is the best policy.

Respectfully, Molly.

Dearest Reader. Do not be fooled by pictures of serene posing cats when they typically look like this.
Respectfully, Staff.


  1. Oh dear, we're in a conundrum here. Darla and Alfalfa believe Molly, while Bruce and I are siding with the staff. However, we all agree that the sheep is handsome!

  2. I'm just sitting here giggling. I'm sorry, but I love Molly!

  3. The strawberry flavored birds are my favorites. Here in Oregon, all we have are chocolate. Smitty

  4. I'm tickled pink, thanks for the inside scoop.