Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spiderweb continued

Here are the spiderweb triangles I made today. And for those of you thinking of making this someday, I am using the free pattern that Bonnie Hunter provides on her website.

I have to also give credit to my super advanced sewing machine which comes with a supervisory attachment.

This attachment "helps" to take the foundation paper off as you sew.

If you can't afford such a special sewing machine with supervisory capabilities, you can strip the paper off by hand. I don't make a smaller stitch because I often make mistakes that need a seam ripper. I find that even a regular stitch lets me pull off the paper easily. But yes, its strip by strip. This activity is best accomplished with the help of a kitten.

Meanwhile, Buddy is helping me pick fabrics for the sheep tutorial that I'm going to be providing soon.


  1. Just wondering is that attachement expensive? I think I need one!

  2. I have two of those attachments!
    Thanks for the link to the pattern. "If" I ever get a moment or ten when I don't have 349 projects going on, I am going to make some of those. Or a lot of them. I really like them!

  3. Those look wonderful. Great colors.

  4. Sadly, my sewing machine doesn't come with that option. I'm making a note of it for future sewing machine shopping, though.
    (Sheep! Bring on the sheep! Sheepsheepsheep!!!)

  5. I believe I have a couple of those attachments. The best part is that they come with their own walking feet.