Monday, April 10, 2017


With my house on the market, I am spending a lot of time clearing out spiderwebs and putting away cat toys. Poor Buddy. I heard him in the closet playing with his turboroller...that was stacked up on top of something else. And dedicated sewing time seems to suffer...mostly from a lack of focus. I obviously have to make it easier to do. And because the spiderweb is such fun sewing and requires little mental muscle, I am happy to bring this project out of hiding.

This project got stalled when I realized I was only half way finished. I made enough newspaper foundations, but I needed more wedges and yellow strips. I have now made enough of these basic parts to finish the rest of the blocks.

And here are the scrap bins...strips and chunks that will fill in the rest of the spiderweb. All set up and ready to go.

Meanwhile, if you are a well-educated cat with advanced degrees in sunshine management, it is quite an easy task to settle onto a couch and maximize sun exposure.

And it doesn't hurt if you look good while you're doing it.


  1. I'm so looking forward to seeing your Spiderweb finished. Are you using a smaller stitch to make removing papers easier? I haven't tried paper foundations I envisaged sitting plucking little bits of paper out of the stitches, would love to know how you manage with this task.

  2. Love the blue with the yellow all around. This quilt is on my someday bucket list. I'm just not ready to add another UFO to the mix yet. Thanks for letting me live through enjoying yours. Happy stitching!

  3. Dear Molly,

    Eyes of green
    Ears of pink
    I'm in love with you
    I think.
    xo, Alfalfa

  4. And I am so in love with you too--a very regal pose--wish my kitties could take lessons in posing from you. My last spider web was a "gold" wedge/kite, black outline, and of course very scrappy from there. I love the blue/aqua and yellow you are using

  5. I think your cat is hypnotizing me through the computer, I want to lay in the sun and just pet her. Such a pretty kitty. I'm loving your turquoise and yellow combo. That will be a beautiful quilt.

  6. Love that spider web! It looks difficult, is it? I'm not good at foundation anything...
    Good golly Miss Molly, she sure is a beauty!!!

  7. Nobody can rock a sunbeam like Molly! (Are you sure she didn't lock Buddy in the closet? Again?)
    Love those spiderwebs so much! Looking forward to the quilt!

  8. Spiderwebs...I will check out that pattern. It looks like it could use up some scraps. What pretty ones you are making and such a pretty cat too.