Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday morning outing

This morning I had to leave the house for two showings, so I went to a park in town...odd as that might seem. As I stepped onto the path from the parking lot, I found Jane Doe having brunch. You might think that she is giving me a wary eye...

but you would be wrong. She was even indifferent to a group of children who arrived using their best outdoor cub scout voices. I was not indifferent, so I ran away in fright.

 The Redbud trees are putting on a boisterous show.

And a bluebird was enjoying the morning.

Meanwhile, a cardinal gave me lessons in complementary colors and the benefit of touches of black.

Of course, the most beautiful specimen spent the morning hiding behind the fabric drawers.


  1. Admit it - you would have been hiding behind the fabric drawers with her if you could have gotten away with it...

  2. Did Molly tell you what they said? The cardinal pic is awesome, and how lucky to meet the real Jane Doe!

  3. Just wonderful to see these photos today, I love birds and you seem to have such colourful beauties over there, the bluebird looks a real sweetie and a photo of the lovable Molly, beautiful.

  4. Love the bird photos! I want to be a songbird in my next life!

  5. Delightful pictures. The deer who feast on the salad bar in my backyard are fearless. You can walk right up to them and they don't move.
    Some friends had to remove their cats from the house when it was being shown. Fortunately, they had an offer the first week. Good luck with yours.

  6. Great pictures. I wish we had cardinals on the West Coast. I lived in North Carolina when I was a little girl. Saw them there, but it's been a long time. Maybe on our journey eastward.

  7. Great photos! I hope you have good luck with the house. This year seems to be a partucularly spectacular Redbud year. I just love them.