Thursday, April 27, 2017

Vintage butterfly micro progress

Four more vintage butterfly blocks. It was a bit of a shock to realize I had 44 more blocks to make instead of 4.

And my apologies to any of you who chose Buddy and received an email from Molly calling you a loser. She only meant it in a life sense not in terms of the contest. Despite Molly's preferences, the giveaway will close April 30, with winners chosen randomly...not based on who wrote the nicest comments about Molly.

And okay, maybe Buddy is a bit cock-eyed and his eyesight is out of focus. But I'm sure his selection of fabrics will be fine...especially if you squint at it.

And there was a comment about this fabric. A glimpse of it was showing in the last posting so I thought I would show it opened up.

And speaking of open, the clematis in the front yard have begun to show off.

And the peach tree is feeling exuberant and is making plans for lots of peaches. Of course, a black bear will probably have the final eating them all before they ripen.

Over at Three Cat Ranch, Barbara received her CSA allotment which included pea shoots. This rabbit is a world expert on snow pea shoots. He is a raw food activist and suggests pea shoots are best eaten early, often and raw.


  1. Love those butterflies---they are next on my own list--you have such a nice array of fabrics...hugs, Julierose

  2. Yes! That's gorgeous fabric. (Maybe you'd like to sell it to me?) Thanks for showing more of it. That Molly! She's such a cat. Sorry you have to make 44 instead of 4. What a difference!

  3. Those greedy black bears...not only the peaches, but the pears and the apples, too!

  4. I did receive that loser email but it came anonymously and I thought it was spam.

    No bears here but the deer eat the tree and all so I rarely get fruit.

    And I thought you were making a baby butterfly quilt. Glad you are going larger.

  5. Lovely butterflies and fabric! Shame the black bears come along and eat the goodies from the tree, not to mention the rabbit!