Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A look back

I got very little sewing accomplished today, so Molly said she would help me with this blog post. She thought you might like to see how I lay out the vintage butterfly block parts before I assemble them. But she thought you would rather see where she likes to sleep.

Molly thought you might also like to see what she was doing a year ago. I think Molly is trying to teach Buddy how to be a cat but has concluded that one really can't fight mother nature. (And yes, they are in front of the design wall where Molly has knocked down all the patchwork.)

Molly also thought you might like to see what was up on my design wall a year ago. Now you can understand why she is so determined to keep the design wall clear of clutter.


  1. Who'd have thought two little kitties could cause such mayhem with the design wall!

  2. Maybe if you relaced all instances of "design" with "Molly and Buddy", they'd leave the blocks up on the Molly and Buddy wall, here at The Objects of Molly and Buddy...

  3. Molly, I'm more interested in how the vintage butterfly fabrics are chosen than how they are laid out before being sewn together. I have to admit, though, the piles look like a good place to take a nap.

    Molly, I also think you are right to show how useless a design wall happens to be and that there happens to be beauty in randomness.