Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Everything but patchwork

Molly says "Just say nope to taupe."

However, Buddy says "Taupe is dope."

Squirrel has been reading Gayle's blog Mangofeet and squirrel agrees with Gayle that squirrels are fascinating and should distract everyone...especially if you wanted to throw some nuts or seeds his way.

And here are the peonies putting on a show in the side yard.

And here's another close up of a mountain laurel that shows how the flower buds grow and then explode like tiny fireworks.


  1. It's always a treat to see photos of Molly and Buddy, and aren't they posing beautifully for these!
    I do miss squirrels - none here in New Zealand, sadly. Paeonies are such gorgeous blowsy blooms, wish I could grow them in my garden.

  2. Smitty thinks squirrels are delicious.

  3. (I've been hit by another squirrel. This one goes 'baaa' and is clearly your fault...)

  4. Maxine the Queen aka Max has been after the neighborhood squirrels for what seems forever and she still isn't fast enough to catch one. It is funny to watch the squirrels scamper about half way up the tree, turn around and just give her a piece of their mind.

    Your peonies are beautiful, one of my favorite spring flowers. I can honestly say that I've never seen mountain laurel but it appears to be so delicate and lacy.