Monday, May 15, 2017

Four more

I made four more vintage butterfly blocks.

And four more pickle wedges. I counted all the wedges I have made so far and discovered that I have a finite number left to make. However, I'm glad it has taken this long because it means I was able to use Kaffe Fassett's new black fan fabric.

And four more spiderweb blocks. Each of these blocks are made from sewing four triangles together. For this quilt, I have finished all of the foundation-pieced triangles. I then laid them all out to get pleasing groupings.

This means that I was able to get a lot more sewn together. I would have sewn more except Buddy weighed in and rearranged some of the groupings. And I don't think the word groupings applies anymore.

Molly thinks it is silly to leave patchwork on the floor where it can be trampled by ponies.


  1. He was probably trying to help with the arranging, but it's hard to manipulate blocks when all you have are hooves...

  2. The blocks all look fantastic.

  3. Oh, those spiderwebs are so yummy! You are really sewing up a storm these days! You're going to have three finished soon - spiderwebs, pickle dish and butterflies. Wow.

  4. The spider web looks great all laid out. Good luck getting it together, sure Buddy will continue to help.