Sunday, May 14, 2017

Grumpy cats

Here are two vintage butterfly blocks, my proof of at least some time at the sewing machine.

Meanwhile, Molly wants to host a staff giveaway where she gives away staff that buy too much fabric in favor of getting new staff that prefer cat toys to fabric. Buddy agreed with Molly until he realized that Molly's definition of staff was Buddy's definition of pillow.

This shows off more of the fabric. Truly awesome.

Meanwhile, Buddy is still upset from a trolling comment we got a few days back that referred to the turboroller as a "toy." Buddy (then known as Typhoon) qualified for world championship status in turboroller before he was six months. Of course, spending most of his youth hiding in a box took its toll on his career.

Instead he became a Professor of Turboroller at Kitten U (now shuttered but known for its motto: Making Cats of Tomorrow Great Again). And yes, this was all before we discovered he was actually a dog, and now a pony called Hoss.


  1. Poor kittenTyphoon/cat Buddy/dog Buddy/ponyHoss is probably having an identity crisis. Looooove that fabric!!

  2. I'd like to hire the staff to find me some of that flamingo fabric. It's fun. Perhaps the Champion Turboroller has gone to seed like many an athlete, prompting the pony status?

  3. Love the pink flamingos aka finkamingos. Buddy can be a dog/pony. We have a dog who acts like a cat. He says he's a Jack Russell terrier but he jumps like a cat and squeaks like a cat.