Monday, May 8, 2017

Lack and Hack

Yes, I am suffering from a lack of focus. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are two pickle wedges.

...and a vintage butterfly block

And here is the remaining pile of spiderweb triangles that need to be sewn together.

Meanwhile, Molly and I have renamed Buddy and now call him Hoss. For his affectionate name, I call him "My Little Pony." I'm a bit concerned that he is trying to outgrow his cat, I mean dog, I mean horse carrier. 

Last, and most important of all, Molly has an important life hack to share.  She recommends stretching before exercise, such as a quick run up the design wall. If you stretch against the design wall, you can clear off most of the patchwork, and then go take a nap instead.


  1. Tell Molly that's my kind of exercise routine! Hoss, eh? ROFLMAO. Poor Buddy, he just gets no respect.

  2. Love the fabric combinations in your Pickle wedges, especially the one on the LH side. Is Molly looking forward to a new "climbing" wall when you move house?

  3. That Molly. Health conscious, and efficient, too.
    I love your pickle dishes! Can't wait to see final pickled quilt!

  4. Fun eye candy. Those pickle dishes are great.

  5. Yes, indeed...your lack of focus does result in my viewing pleasure!

  6. Just love your pickle wedges--and how in heck do you get your V. Butterflies to come out even like that? I made one block and they are ALL wonkified...aaargh hugs, Julierose