Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Molly Movers

As part of packing for the move, I am sorting through the various projects I have underway. I typically store each project in its own plastic bin, but I'm now moving projects I might complete into plastic bags, and the ones I won't finish go into the scrap pile. Here are some mice I began a few years ago as part of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. I think I switched to kittens, and then really, who can go back to mice after that?

I also uncovered these blocks. I was thinking that maybe I could make some more and make a baby quilt.

Molly thinks the blocks look better scattered on the floor.

She also monitors the packing to make sure no kittens get trapped in the boxes. Needless to say, my fabric stash provides a limitless supply of packing material.

I wrap quilts in plastic bags before packing them and Molly inspects these as well.


  1. She is so curious! I really like those second blocks.

  2. I cannot even imagine how much work is involved in packing up your sewing studio. It's a good thing Molly is there to snoopervise. im rather surprised that Molly doesn't freak out with all the changes, packing, etc. Alfie and Darla would avoid the chaos but then be clingy one we sat or laid down.

  3. Always pays to have experienced four legged packers helping out!

  4. I love the mice blocks -- and I am afraid of "real" mice :-)

  5. I cannot imagine having to move "Le Stash" and projects etc...etc...that is a big job for sure. Plastic baggies sound nice and light and easy to pack away...
    pretty projects on the go...hugs, Julierose

  6. How can you go wrong with such great mewvers to help you?