Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More of the same

Four more blocks for the spiderweb.

Two more pickle wedges.

And two more vintage butterfly blocks.
When you work on too many projects at once, you should expect mutations.
Meanwhile, out in the woods, the mountain laurel is in bloom.


  1. Thanks for the mountain laurel photo - I had no idea what the blooms looked like!
    Poor sad mutant butterfly...
    And there ya go, tempting me with pickles again. I've already succumbed to Cathy's Burgoynes - could pickles be far behind?

  2. You have been very very busy making blocks, they all look good...well except for one disfigured butterfly. And in nature only the fittest survive!

  3. You're racing along with your projects! The Mountain Laurels has a beautiful flower, reminds me of a Luculia.