Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More packing

Almost all of the books are packed, so now it's time to pack the fabric. My stash has two parts...hunks of fabric that are one yard or more. When I first started quilting, I bought larger pieces. Now, however, I tend to prefer half yards. So the stacked fabric tends to be older fabric. This is the stack of dark blues.

 Here are the medium blues. Obviously, with use, the values get mixed.

And here are the light blues. I don't yet know how much fabric I can pack in a small box. I also don't know whether I should first pack it into a plastic bag or put it straight into the cardboard box.

As I was taking pictures of the blue fabric, Molly realized that I needed her help.

Then Molly helped me by climbing into the box as I was packing the blue fabric.

I thought I was making progress without her help.

Molly disagreed then decided to take a nap.

While Molly takes a snooze, I can show you some of the quilts I packed yesterday. This is a yellow and green trip around the world variation that was inspired by fall colors...although it screams spring too.

And this was a small quilt I made as part of a class I took with Carol Taylor. She was showing improv curves, skinny strips and spiral machine quilting...all combined in a single quilt.

 And this one doesn't have a name. I made it to feature a rather strange orange and turquoise fabric. The fabric strip surrounded by orange strips is the same fabric as the fabric strip surrounded by the black strips.  If I run across that fabric again as I pack, I'll take a picture of it so you can see how cool it is...and worthy of its own quilt.

And this quilt was also made in the 1990's. I have forgotten the name of this pattern.

And I think this bento box wallhanging was made in the 1980s.

Last but not least, I thought I should show you the Momma Bear's technique for picking unripe peaches. She stood up on her hind legs, pulled the main tree branch down with her front paws, and then picked the peaches with her mouth. One of her cubs is scouting around in the grass/weeds under the tree on the right side of the photo.


  1. I'm glad you have Molly helping you pack. I don't know how you imagined that you could do it better on your own.

    How amazing to look out the window and see a bear family!

  2. I believe the one quilt is a Celtic Twist. I made one of those blocks in my Notting Hill Sampler and quite enjoyed it. Would love to make a full quilt. Your quilts are all lovely and have stood the test of time well in regards to colors as well as patterns. And that is some amazing precision piecing in the quilt with the feature fabric. Is it the same fabric in the same color way or the same fabric in two color ways?

  3. You are so lucky having a helper to pack with you! Now, your show of quilts is smashing, two favourites are the Trip Around the World and the very improv quilt made in the class with Carol Taylor. I also love the photos of your stacked blues, always good to see a good collection of folded fabric, now all you'll need to do is unpack it at the other end!

  4. Well done on making a suitable nap spot for Molly! She looks quite satisfied. And smug.
    Love all your quilts, especially that improv circles one!

  5. Whoa, lotsa beautiful blues for sure...I see that Molly said you had to think about it (= nap time lol) It's fun to look back at older quilts--and what you were thinking at the time...and how fabrics themselves have changed so much over the years...lovely posting hugs, Julierose

  6. Your quilts are beautiful. Smitty and Sadie would like to know if they have been tested for snuggleability.

  7. I learned to FMQ from Carol Taylor (she livesin the Rochester area). She's a great teacher.

  8. the unnamed 1990's I would call Chain Gang, with the pink/purple and turquoise.

  9. Hi my name is Velda and I blog at I recently made the right facing poodle block based on your tutorial. I am considering asking Guild members to make it for me when I am Queen Bee in September. I was wondering if you would be okay if I re-photed your tutorial and gave you credit and a link back on my blog? Please let me know. Did you create this block?